Welcome to Botanico, where the sizzle of the grill meets the enchanting allure of Asian cuisine.

At the heart of Botanico lies the marriage of the grill’s artistry with the essence of Asian gastronomy. Each dish is a testament to our commitment to the farm-to-table concept, sourcing the freshest ingredients to ensure a culinary experience that reflects the purity of nature. Our dedication extends to our cooking methods, where the grill, fueled by wood and charcoal, takes center stage, imparting a unique smoky flavor that enhances the natural essence of our ingredients.

Experience the benefits of our wood and charcoal grill as it imparts a rich, nuanced flavor profile while preserving the nutritional integrity of our dishes.

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Experience the pinnacle of flavor as the freshest produce is expertly grilled over a meticulously crafted blend of wood and charcoal, culminating in a perfectly charred dish.
Garden Domes

A charming private romantic dining experience set within the lush verdant of edible garden, our Garden Domes set the scene for a romantic dinner where one can wine and dine under the stars in the comfort of our air-conditioned geodesic domes.

Each garden dome seats up to eight guests and makes a truly magical space for private dinner parties or an intimate dinner for two in Singapore.

Celebrate with Us
Elevate your celebrations at Au Balcon! With an inviting ambiance, exquisite cuisine, and attentive service, we're the perfect choice for your special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any milestone worth celebrating, our team ensures every moment is filled with joy, delicious flavors, and unforgettable memories.

Book your table today and let us make your next celebration truly exceptional.

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