International Women's Day | The Summerhouse

Le Femme of The Summerhouse


Meet the Women of The Summerhouse

Come by and say hi and meet three of the lovely ladies that make up the team of The Summerhouse and Wildseed Cafe & Bar!


Enjoy a complimentary slice of cake* at Wildseed Cafe at The Summerhouse with a minimum spend at Her Velvet Vase stores.

How to Redeem: (1) Spend a minimum of $60 at Her Velvet Vase stores from 4 to 14 March, (2) Make an RSVP at Wildseed cafe HERE and follow us at @thesummerhousesg, (3) Flash your Her Velvet Vase receipt at the cafe counter upon redemption from 4 to 31 March.

International Women's Day_Wendy The Summerhouse

Meet Wendy, Head Chef at The Summerhouse

What’s your favourite food on the menu?

Favourite menu from The Summerhouse ah? I like duck leg confit. Because shiok mah – flavourful and tender, crispy skin and it’s mainly is meat. I like meat *laughs

Can you tell us more about the menu development?

I personally didn’t go to France so I depended mostly on books and research. I had a lot of help from colleagues those who personally come in touch with authentic French cuisine – been to France and have cooked the cuisine or are French-natives.

Some even shared their 100 year old recipes passed down from their grandparents! I can’t wait for everybody to try out our new dishes coming soon.

International Women's Day_Gloria Wildseed Cafe

Meet Gloria, Assitant Manager at Wildseed Cafe

What did you dream of doing when you were a little girl?

When I was a little girl, my parents always told me that being a nurse was a very good profession, so I thought I wanted to be a nurse. But when I grew older, I realised that travelling the world was what I really wanted to do, to experience different cultures and see different ways of life. With that, I came to the conclusion that a flight attendant was what I truly wanted to be.

I thought the language was the most important thing to achieve what I wanted, and decided to come to Singapore through a Singapore-linked program at my university. At first, I planned to stay for a year to learn the language and new experience… but it’s been 4 years. I love my team and our regular customers!

International Women's Day_Serena Wildseed Bar

Meet Serena, Management Trainee at Wildseed Bar

Why did you join F&B?

Initially, when I step out of school at 19, I was partying a lot and decided to join a club on a part-time basis since I was partying cause I can’t sleep, why not just work. *laughs

I eventually joined them full time for four years. After which, I thought I needed a change in environment but office 9-5 ain’t for me as I love to interact and move around so I became a door host for another F&B line before taking up an internship during COVID and joining Wildseed Bar.

I get to meet different people while working in F&B – some even became close friends! I learned a lot and every day is unpredictable so it really excites me on what the day can bring.